Breaking the bank!

Our change to change the world project was stalled!  The jar had been sitting with a few dollars in change for a couple of months and I wondered “how can I get this moving again!?”

The last challenge I tried was “the class with the highest % of people donating change on x day gets soda!”  And then every class had 100%… Lol I bought a lot of soda!

This time they asked if they could go by who brought the most (per capita) but it would take too long to count it all!  So we went by weight!

Our stars after day 1:

That’s POUNDS of change in one day!!! Well the competition was totally on!  By day 2, they brought out the big guns!!

Our Two day total? That full jar was $377.25! (And the coin star at the bank got quite a workout!

Well the third and final day was cut throat!  Look at those totals!  The winning class brought over 40lbs of change!!!

It filled the jar a second time AND a basket!  The bad news!!?? The bottom of the jar broke out in the bank under the weight of all that change!!! Oops!  Lesson?  Plastic container!

Total today was $438.39! Grand total over $815!!! In 3 days!  We will be feeding our students in Nicaragua before we know it!  We are already at 2K of the 3K we need!!!

Thank you to my super generous class!  Your hearts are huge and I am so proud of you!  The donuts and soda tomorrow won’t cost nearly what you donated but you are definitely changing the world!  Such a proud moment!!!

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